Picture Stories - Los Angeles / Disneyland October 2012

Bayrischzell This late summer I had the pleasure to go to California and visit Los Angeles and many other locations. One of the most thrilled events were visiting the Disney Studios, the place were TLK were produced almost over 20 years ago. Unfortunately I was not allowed to make any pictures inside but I got a few shots from the outer area.
In addition I visited Disneyland, which was a little disappointing for me, because there were almost no TLK related events. However, I found a few TLK related merchandising and I saw the famous drawing of Thomas Kinkade for real.
Despite that I can say that LA is much overrated, at least from my perspective. The city is very large, but the street quality is very bad and the prices are high.

More Pictures

Below are some pictures taken from the outside of the Disney Studios. Inside it was unfortunately forbidden. However, this is the place where TLK was produced and the interviews for the Making of was made!

Now a few pictures from Disneyland:

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