Picture Stories - Etosha April 2014

Etosha lioness wilderbeest End of April we reached the biggest step of our tour: the Etosha (means great white place, named after the Etosha pan) National park, 1200 qkm of protected area. We started our tour in the dolomite camp at the very east of Etosha. On the next day we traveled to Okaukuejo, where we stayed 2 days and after that left Etosha over Namutoni. Since it is fall at that time and had plenty of rain before, we were able to see Etosha much more green than normally. Although this is very nice for pictures it is also more hard to see animals in the dense bushes and gras, but we managed as you can see. All of the big fives (lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinos, leopards) except for the buffalo can be found there.
On the left picture you see two lioness confronting a wildebeest.

More Pictures

For further pictures see below:

Cell Phone Pictures

Okay these were done with my phone, but some of them are still quite good since it was mostly used for landscape shots:

Panorama picture of Etosha:

Etosha panorama

Here is a nice panorama picture of the Etosha pan:

Etosha pan panorama

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