Picture Stories - Valencia October 2011

3D cinema In fall 2011 I had the pleasure to visit the city with the most extraordinary buildings and architecture design, I know. The days were warm, but not as hot as it is mostly common in Valencia. So, if you're planing a trip don't go there during summer, when it could be more than 40 degrees in the shade.
In the left picture you see the 3D cinema of Valencia's museum mile, which has quite a lot of different buildings in unique architecture. There are many more of these buildings, so take a look at the pictures below.

Leopard waterfall Notable is also the famous event zoo offering a lot of African animals and plants, which fits beautiful together. The lions had one cub, when I was there, who poses perfectly for pictures. Although the male lion was already quite old, he still got the energy to play with the lionesses and the cub. The enclosures are also nice, completely without fences and very large, so the animals have enough space. Very beautiful was the sea and waterfall landscape, they created for the animals living in the jungle. See below for pictures.
If you're in the city you should definitely visit this zoo, especially in case you like African animals and feline like animals. However, during fall there are unfortunately a lot of wasp on their way, as you can see on the pictures.

More Images

Below are some images took at the zoo in Valencia.

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