Picture Stories - Watership Down 2011

3D cinema During spring 2011 I was in England and also visited a place, that I wanted to see for a really long time. It was Watership Down, from the same called novel by Richard Adams. It is located in Hampshire in the south of England. A very beautiful landscape as you can see on the picture on the left. This is the view from Hare Warren Down though, which was actually the blueprint of the location of the Watership Down warren in the movie, or the TV series. The real Watership Down is located on the next western hill.
I stayed one night in Kingsclere, a small village roughly half a hour away from Canon Heath, which leads to Watership Down. Unfortunately, I didn't had the time to see all the different locations, mentioned in the novel and the movie. But I saved these one for the next trip. As you can see on the images, I had the typical English weather, from sunny warm and clear to pouring chilly rain showers. On the other hand this weather was good to make some unusual snapshots. Pictures with sunny weather everyone has. ;)

More Images

Below are some images took on Watership Down and the surrounding places:

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