Characteres - Hyenas



The Hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed live in the Shadow Land and they come from time to time out and ambush the Pride Lands, looking for food. They make a pact with Scar to live no longer in this dead land. The only thing they must do is to kill Simba, but they failed as we all know.
Shenzi is the leader of the group and like Banzai she is always open for a sarcastic joke. Ed the imbecile, doesn't speak anything, but he often laughs insane about everything and gets sometimes knocked for improper behaving.



Shenzi: Whoopi Goldberg
Banzai: Cheech Marin
Ed: Jim Cummings

German dubbing-voice:

Shenzi: Hella von Sinnen
Banzai: Frank Lenart
Ed: Jim Cummings

Supervising Animator:

David Burgess
Alex Kuperschmidt


Tom Bancroft
Broose Johnson
T. Daniel Hofstedt
Danny Wawrzaszek

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