Characteres - Kiara



Kiara is the daughter of Nala and Simba. Like Simba, she is always on the look for advantures. But Simba cares very much about her and did not allow Kiara to wander away from the path that he marked for her. Because of Simba's suspicions, he had secretly sent both Timon and Pumbaa to watch over Kiara. One day, she met Kovu, a rogue lion living in the Outlands. Later in the story, after both Kiara and Kovu have grown up, they eventually fall in love. They show Simba that the Pridelanders and Outsiders can live together.
Kiara is worthy of her position as princess and heir to the throne. She has a special sense for the righteous.


Young Kiara


Michelle Horn

German dubbing-voice:

Debby Van Dorren

Supervising Animator:

Lianne Hughes


Sid Ahearne
Warren Liang
Simon Ashton
Mac Monks
Lily Dell
Kathie O'Rourke
Dick Dunn
Gie Santos
Mike SutherLand

Adult Kiara


Neve Campbell

German dubbing-voice:

Natascha Petz

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