Characteres - Kovu



Kovu is the adobt child and heir of Scar. When Scar was defeated by Simba he, his Mother Zira and the rest of Scar's follower were exiled in the Outlands. Kovu first meets Kiara in his youth-time, but only for a short time. They face each other, again, when they grown-up and falling in love.
Kovu is a very strong and has good hunting-skins. He was trained by his scrupless Mother Zira to hate the Pridelanders, especially Simba. But deep in his heart he knows that this isn't the right way. When he meets Kiara, she shows him that they, Outlaws and Prideland, can live together.


Young Kovu


Ryan O'Donahue

German dubbing-voice:

Matthias Hinze

Supervising Animator:

Andrew Collins


Simon Brown
Pierter Lommerse
Manuk Chang
Mike Stapleton
Bernard Derriman
Kevin Wotton
Randy Glusac

Adult Kovu


Jason Marsden

German dubbing-voice:

Hendrik Bruch

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