Characteres - Nala



Nala is Simba's friend and they play often together in their youth-time. After the situation with Scar and the hyenas forcing Simba to leave the Pride Lands, everyone at Pride Rock assumed that Simba was dead. As Nala learned of this, she became rather depressed and dedicated her life to saving the Pride Lands. One day, Nala went off looking for help. She eventually found Simba in a jungle far from home. Nala's and Simba's reunion caused them to fall in love.
Nala's mother is Sarabi, but nothing is known about her father. Maybe Scar or even Mufasa. However, she is loyal to Simba and the Pride Lands.


Young Nala


Niketa Calame

German dubbing-voice:

Magdalena Turba

Supervising Animator:

Aaron Blaise

Adult Nala


Moira Kelly

German dubbing-voice:

Alexandra Wilcke

Supervising Animator:

Anthony DeRosa


Bob Bryan
Gilda Palinginis

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