Characteres - Scar



Scar is the younger brother of King Mufasa. After Simba was born he lost his postition as heir to the throne. Because of this, Scar had created an alliance with the Hyenas to kill Simba and Mufasa, so that he would gain control of the Pride Lands. In the Stampede Scene Scar had succeeded in killing Mufasa, but failed to kill Simba. Anyhow he told the other Lions, that Simbas death was an accident.
As you can see, Scar's character is based on greed, injustice, and deception. He is shameless and is always ready to lie for his advantage. He can make a good speech and convince others quite well, but does it only for bad intentions.



Jeremy Irons

German dubbing-voice:

Thomas Fritsch

Supervising Animator:

Andreas Deja


Doug Frankel
Jean Morel
Mark Koetsier
Alex Williams

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