1. What awards did TLK win?
  2. What's on the Soundtrack?
  3. What are the meaning of the short-cuts?

About The Lion King:

  1. Who speak the voices of the Characters?
  2. What does Zazu sings in his "Coconuts" Song?
  3. What are the words to Timon's "Hula" Song?
  4. What does "Hakuna Matata" mean?
  5. Are there missing scenes in the video?
  6. Rafiki`s words
  7. Some people mean they saw "SEX" in the clouds. Is it true?

The Lion King Communities:

  1. Are there any Lion King related Forums communities?
  2. Where can I find IRC channels?
  3. Is there a newsgroup or a mailing list?
  4. Do you want more?