Picture Stories

This is a collection of pictures and small text paragraphs, on my different trips around the world. The pictures are mostly taken at zoos, but also from covers different places or famous locations well-known from movies, or books. If you want you can call it a blog, but I refuse to use this buzz words everywhere. Nevertheless enjoy the pictures and as always in case of errors or comments write me a mail.


Winter impressions 2010

Some winter impressions from 2010


Watership Down May 2011

Pictures from the visit to the real Watership Down from Richard Adams novel

Hanover Zoo May 2011

Some pictures from my visit to the zoo in Hanover

Valencia October 2011

A collection of pictures from Valencia's city and the zoo

Japan November 2011

Report on my visit to Japan


Vienna Zoo February 2012

Pictures from the zoo in Vienna during winter with lots of snow

Seeon June 2012

A trip to Seeon with a monastery and a beautiful lake

Bayrischzell July 2012

Located in the Bavarian alps is Bayrischzell

Zoo Neuwied August 2012

A few shots from the Zoo in Neuwied

Liverpool September 2012

A few impressions on my trip to Liverpool


Los Angeles / Disneyland October 2012

Pictures from my trip to Los Angeles and Disneyland

Los Angeles Zoo November 2012

The visit to the Los Angeles zoo

Red Canyon November 2012

On my way to Bryce Canyon I also visited Red Canyon

Bryce Canyon November 2012

Some impressions from the Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

Grand Canyon November 2012

Trip to the Grand Canyon national park

San Francisco November 2012

A few impressions of San Francisco, the wonderful surrounding coast are and Monterey

San Francisco Zoo November 2012

Pictures of the zoo in San Francisco

Winter January 2012

Snapshots taken during my walk around our village in winter


Munich Zoo January 2013

Some snapshots of the zoo in Munich with the new lions

Dresden March 2013

A tour through Dresden City and the nearby zoo

Hamburg Zoo April 2013

Visit of the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg

Vienna June 2013

Pictures from the trip to Vienna zoo, Museum of natural history and the castle Schoenbrunn

Hannover July 2013

So called event zoo in Hannover

Stukenbrock September 2013

Shots from the safari park in Stukenbrock with their beautiful white lions and tigers

Heidelberg October 2013

Impressions from the Zoo in Heidelberg

Zoo Vienna December 2013

Another visit to the nice zoo in Vienna

Zoo Prague December 2013

A visit to the Prague Zoo during Christmas time


Hamburg Harbour (TLK Musical)

A short visit to Hamburg harbour with The Lion King Musical



Our first stop in Africa was in Duestenbrock, a private guest farm


Afterwards we went to Swakopmund, a small city at the coast of Namibia

Brandberg and Cheetah Farm

Next was the Brandberg massif and a visit to a cheetah farm


The longest and most wildest stay was at the Etosha National Park


Last but not least, a private game area called Erindi

London May 2014

Trip to London city and Lion King musical visit

London Zoo May 2014

Visit at the zoo in London

Watership Down May 2014

Another stop at Watership Down, this time with Efrafa and surroundings

Berlin Zoo May 2014

Pictures from the zoo in Berlin

Berlin May 2014

Visit at the capital city of Germany