Picture Stories - San Francisco November 2012

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Some pictures from my trip to San Francisco, which is actually a very nice city, not only the bridge is a highlight. I also visited the zoo and drive the famous Highway 1 down to Los Angeles, which offers a beautiful coast landscape, with lots of vista points. To see everything you definitely need more than one day. There are also some national parks on the way, which are worse to visit.
In addition to the pictures of San Francisco are quite some from the trip, but also from Monterey, a small town located at the coast further south of San Francisco with a idyllic harbor.

More Pictures

Pictures from San Francisco:

Some impressions from the very nice trip on Highway 1 from San Francisco down to Los Angels:

A few impressions of Monterey, which is located in the South of San Francisco and is a small town at the coast with a nice harbor. Also a famous place for Whale Watching:

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